The Odds Are Too Great


The Odds Are Too GreatIn The Odds Are Too Great: Experiencing God in the Everyday, Scott Davis shares a variety of ways that God has spoken to him throughout his life. Through the pitfalls and turmoil Davis has faced on a regular basis to the blessings and miracles he has experienced, God has spoken to him consistently through signs and symbols in his everyday life. Yes, God speaks through His Word. Yes, God speaks through His prophets. Yes, God speaks through the Church. But after reading this book, you will see how God can communicate with normal, everyday people in countless other ways as well.

You will discover that God talks to people as much today as He did in Jesus’s time. Miracles did not end with the New Testament. Miracles still continue today, and God uses ordinary events and circumstances to communicate extraordinary messages. Davis shares a number of personal life experiences demonstrating how God speaks and the miracles He still performs. Davis documents these events with biblical truths that he has learned along life’s journey.

You may discover that God has been speaking to you much more than you have realized.

252 pages – $14.99 (paperback)

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