The Next Time You Are Stressed

In February I met a friend in Dallas, Texas at Love Field Airport.  If you know Dallas you know that Love Field is just north of downtown, right in the middle of the Dallas metroplex.   I was driving west on the interstate at 5pm directly into the belly of the beast—downtown.  There was no way around it.   All I had was my navigation system without much clue as to where I was heading.  Being winter, the sun was setting directly in my line of vision.  The interstate coming out of downtown was already in gridlock.  I had lived in a small town too long and it had been years since I had been in an extremely tense driving situation, yet here I was.  It was the perfect storm:  blinded by the setting sun, five o’clock Dallas traffic, and little idea where I was going.

I survived the ordeal in one piece with time to spare, however, I discerned that the Lord wanted to teach me something from this experience.   Graham Cooke says, “We learn the disciplines of the Spirit through the circumstances of life.”  So what did I learn?  As I drove into Dallas I relied on my mind, will, and emotions to weave in and out of traffic, constantly monitoring traffic patterns and road situations.  The Holy Spirit showed me that I drove through my soul (mind, will, and emotions) and that was why I was wound  tightly throughout the ordeal.  The Holy Spirit showed me that I had a choice and could have also driven by the Spirit.  What does that look like?

George Lucas did a stellar job, illustrating this in the very first Star Wars movie (number IV) when Luke Skywalker chose to turn off his computer and to instead rely on the unseen, untried Force in order to bomb the Death Star. The officers at the rebel base were panicked because Luke had turned off his information source and replaced it with a feeling.  I am not advocating turning off the GPS while driving into the sun at five o’clock, however, I realized that I had over thought the entire hour that I was on the road that day.  Each decision made through my soul was analyzed and scrutinized, with decisions made in split-seconds all throughout the trip.  I found myself over thinking every choice I made which only complicated the rapid fire thought process. Once arriving at my destination, I was tired and wound tight.  It took some time to make myself finally relax.

When we live by the Spirit there is not the over thinking.  There are choices that have to be made, but we go with that flow that is within.  When we change lanes and speed up or stay where we are and slow down, we do it as part of a current within a larger river.  We trust that the Holy Spirit who lives within will nudge us, guide us, and direct us so that we can continue to follow Him in the current of life.   He knows where the snags and sand bars are, unseen to the untried eye.  When we trust His Spirit with our spirit then He steers us through dangerous waters.

The Lord encouraged me to try to go through the next stressful situation in His Spirit rather than navigating through uncharted waters with my soul.  It made me look forward to the next stressful situation.  How weird is that?


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