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3/26/17Rev. Dr. Victor Oliver(Psalm 51)ServiceSermon
3/5/17Fr. Scott Davis"Three 'Follow Me's'"(Luke 5:4-11, John 21:3-7,18-22, Acts 12:8)ServiceSermon
2/19/17Fr. Scott Davis"The Power Of Outstretched Hands"(Acts 12:1-17)Sermon
2/12/17Fr. Scott Davis"The Tool of Tongues" - Part 3(Acts 10)ServiceSermon
2/5/17Fr. Scott Davis"The Tool of Tongues" - Part 2(I Cor 14)ServiceSermon
1/29/17Fr. Scott Davis"The Tool of Tongues" - Part 1(I Cor 14)ServiceSermon
1/22/17Fr. Scott Davis"Small Things in Christ Become Large Things"(Matt 13:31-32; 17:20-21)ServiceSermon
1/15/17Fr. Scott davisThe Power of Agreement(Matt 18:19-20)ServiceSermon
1/8/17Rev. Victor OliverA New Start(Joshua 1:1-13)Service
1/1/17Fr. Scott DavisOur Purpose and Our Call(Matt 9:16-17)


12/18/16Fr. Scott DavisFrom Womb To Tomb(Luke 2:4-7, John 20:3-8)Sermon
12/11/16Fr. Scott DavisThe River of The Water of Life(Genesis 2:10-11a; 13-14; Rev 22:1-4)ServiceSermon
12/4/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 6 - Caleb's Mountain(Joshua 14:6-15)ServiceSermon
11/27/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 5 - Mt. Moriah(Genesis 22:1-14)
11/20/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 4 - Mt. Tabor(Luke 9:29-31; 16:22-31)ServiceSermon
11/13/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 3 - Mt. Carmel(I Kings 18:16-39)
11/6/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 2 - Mt. Ararat(Genesis 8:1,6-12,15-19)ServiceSermon
10/30/16Fr. Scott DavisGive Me This Mountain, part 1 - Mt. Zion(I Chronicles 15 & 16)ServiceSermon
10/16/16Fr. Scott Davis(I Thessalonians 5:16-23)ServiceSermon
10/2/16Fr. Alan ReidTen Percent Gratitude(Luke 17:11-19)ServiceSermon
9/25/16Ovie Moore(Mark 5:21-43)ServiceSermon
9/18/16Ovie MoorePerseverance(Romans 5:1-5)ServiceSermon
9/11/16Fr. Scott DavisWisdom(James 1:4, Proverbs 8:1-7)ServiceSermon
9/4/16Fr. Scott DavisThe Incredible Benefit Of Trials(Hebrews 12:5-8, 10b-11; James 1:2-4)ServiceSermon
8/28/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 7: John the Baptist(Luke 1:39-41, 44, John 1:29-32, Matthew 11:2-6, 11-14)ServiceSermon
8/21/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 6: David, A Man After God's Own Heart(Acts 13:23, 36, Psalm 23)ServiceSermon
8/14/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 5: King Saul - Disobedience Forfeits Destiny(I Samuel 15:2-5, 7-33)Video
8/7/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 4: The Generation that Forgot the Lord(Judges 2:1-3, 6-8, 10-22)Video
7/31/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 3: The Land of Promise(Acts 13:19-20a, Joshua 1:2-9)Video
7/24/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 2: The Wilderness Learning(Acts 13:28, James 1:2-4)Video
7/17/16Fr. Scott DavisPart 1: Why Exodus is SO Important(Acts 13:16-17, Exodus 6:6-8)ServiceSermon
7/10/16Missionary Matt RileyFive Practices for Mission(Acts 13:13-42)Video
7/3/16Fr. Scott DavisHezekiah's Fifteen Extra Years(2 Kings 20: 1-21)Video
6/26/16Fr. Scott DavisThe Importance of a Word from God(2 Kings 19: 1-14)Video
6/19/16Fr. Scott DavisCatching the Draft(1 Chronicles 16:43 & 2 Samuel 7:27-29)Video
6/5/16Fr. Scott DavisMaking Spiritual Agreements(2 Kings 18:19-32)
5/29/16Fr. Scott DavisGod the Son(Philippians 2:5-11)
5/22/16Fr. Scott DavisGod as Father
5/15/16Fr. Scott DavisHoly Spirit the Comforter(John 16:7)
4/24/16Fr. Scott DavisFour Things to eliminate to Move Deeper with God(Kings 18:1-8)
4/17/16Russell GrigsbyAnd You Shall Receive Power(Acts 1:8)
4/10/16Fr. Scott DavisThey Worshiped God But… Part 2(2 Kings 17:24-41)


12/21/14Fr. Scott DavisHidden Meanings in this Christmas Story (Luke 2: 1-14)
12/7/14Fr. Scott DavisBroken Toes & Yeast(Mark 8:1-21)
11/30/14Fr. Scott Davis(Mark 7:24-37)
11/16/14Fr. Scott DavisGuilt: The “Gift” that Keeps on Giving(Mark 7-17-23, John 1:7-9)
11/9/14Ovie MooreThe Power of God’s Timing(John 11:1-15)
11/2/14Fr. Scott DavisThe Marketplace as the New Church in the Kingdom Age(Mark 6:53 – 7:8)