Old Tools Will No Longer Work

This morning the Lord spoke to me saying that old tools will no longer work, and so why are we saving them? He has been giving us new tools, teaching us how to operate them, making difficult jobs infinitely easier because of them. So why would we keep our old tools that no longer work efficiently? Why keep a hand drill when you have an electric?

God’s people have passed through a time of training where the circumstances and trials of life have become our teachers. Through the points of tension, God has taught, prepared, and increased our working abilities and strengthened us in His Spirit so that we can now operate new and better equipment in order to handle the problems and destinies of life.

So why clutter your life with old outdated patterns and ways of doing things when you have a new tool box with new tools. Unclutter! Move on! Do not look back like Lot’s wife, but look ahead, fixing your eyes on the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ. Work smart in the realm of God’s power and Spirit.


Father Scott +

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