God’s Plan B

When you organize your thoughts and make certain arrangements for either work, vacation or some huge family event you call your final plan, Plan A. If you are especially smart you have a backup plan as well. Most people’s Plan A is superior to their Plan B, but this is necessarily so in God’s kingdom.

How many times are we disappointed when our Plan A does not happen? We think that God is going to make things work out a certain way. For all intents and purposes the plan seems perfect, and yet, it does not succeed. We reluctantly go to Plan B.

God’s plans, however, can never thwarted. If His Plan A goes awry then not only does He have a Plan B, but His Plan B is usually better than His Plan A ever could have been. I have seen this over and over again in my life and in Scripture.

Think about the monarchy in Israel. God’s people ask for a king and God gives them a tall, good looking, young man, named Saul. This looks like perfect Hollywood casting for a premier part. King Saul is God’s Plan A in answer to His people’s cry.

Did Saul work out? No. His appearance was right but not his character. So God let Plan A run its course while at the same time shifting to Plan B, David. King David ruled Israel as it began its golden age. King David prepared the way for an even greater king, his son, Solomon, who presided over the golden age. King David was the first in his dynasty and was given a covenantal promise by God that there would always be a king of David’s blood to sit on the throne of Israel. It is from Plan B that Jesus comes, not Plan A.

So when it looks like Plan A is bottoming out, get excited because now God has to go to His Plan B which will almost always be better than His plan A.

Blessings on your today,

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