Old Tools Will No Longer Work

Friday, March 20th, 2015

This morning the Lord spoke to me saying that old tools will no longer work, and so why are we saving them? He has been giving us new tools, teaching us how to operate them, making difficult jobs infinitely easier because of them. So why would we keep our old tools that no longer work efficiently? Why keep a hand drill when you have an electric?

God’s people have passed through a time of training where the circumstances and trials of life have become our teachers. Through the points of tension, God has taught, prepared, and increased our working abilities and strengthened us in His Spirit so that we can now operate new and better equipment in order to handle the problems and destinies of life.

So why clutter your life with old outdated patterns and ways of doing things when you have a new tool box with new tools. Unclutter! Move on! Do not look back like Lot’s wife, but look ahead, fixing your eyes on the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ. Work smart in the realm of God’s power and Spirit.


Father Scott +

The Next Time You Are Stressed

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

In February I met a friend in Dallas, Texas at Love Field Airport.  If you know Dallas you know that Love Field is just north of downtown, right in the middle of the Dallas metroplex.   I was driving west on the interstate at 5pm directly into the belly of the beast—downtown.  There was no way around it.   All I had was my navigation system without much clue as to where I was heading.  Being winter, the sun was setting directly in my line of vision.  The interstate coming out of downtown was already in gridlock.  I had lived in a small town too long and it had been years since I had been in an extremely tense driving situation, yet here I was.  It was the perfect storm:  blinded by the setting sun, five o’clock Dallas traffic, and little idea where I was going.

I survived the ordeal in one piece with time to spare, however, I discerned that the Lord wanted to teach me something from this experience.   Graham Cooke says, “We learn the disciplines of the Spirit through the circumstances of life.”  So what did I learn?  As I drove into Dallas I relied on my mind, will, and emotions to weave in and out of traffic, constantly monitoring traffic patterns and road situations.  The Holy Spirit showed me that I drove through my soul (mind, will, and emotions) and that was why I was wound  tightly throughout the ordeal.  The Holy Spirit showed me that I had a choice and could have also driven by the Spirit.  What does that look like?

George Lucas did a stellar job, illustrating this in the very first Star Wars movie (number IV) when Luke Skywalker chose to turn off his computer and to instead rely on the unseen, untried Force in order to bomb the Death Star. The officers at the rebel base were panicked because Luke had turned off his information source and replaced it with a feeling.  I am not advocating turning off the GPS while driving into the sun at five o’clock, however, I realized that I had over thought the entire hour that I was on the road that day.  Each decision made through my soul was analyzed and scrutinized, with decisions made in split-seconds all throughout the trip.  I found myself over thinking every choice I made which only complicated the rapid fire thought process. Once arriving at my destination, I was tired and wound tight.  It took some time to make myself finally relax.

When we live by the Spirit there is not the over thinking.  There are choices that have to be made, but we go with that flow that is within.  When we change lanes and speed up or stay where we are and slow down, we do it as part of a current within a larger river.  We trust that the Holy Spirit who lives within will nudge us, guide us, and direct us so that we can continue to follow Him in the current of life.   He knows where the snags and sand bars are, unseen to the untried eye.  When we trust His Spirit with our spirit then He steers us through dangerous waters.

The Lord encouraged me to try to go through the next stressful situation in His Spirit rather than navigating through uncharted waters with my soul.  It made me look forward to the next stressful situation.  How weird is that?


Scott Davis +

Short Fused Or Long Fused?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Galatians 5:22-23 says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”  Look at the fourth fruit of the Spirit:  long suffering.  Some Bibles use the word patience instead of long suffering and this is not wrong.  However, there are two Greek words that can be translated patience.  However, the Greek word here is makrothymia which translates better as long suffering.   Makro, in English, means long while thumos means temper.  So, the fourth fruit of the Spirit literally means, long tempered.

To be long tempered means that you have a long fuse versus having a short fuse.  If you ever played with firecrackers, you had to take special precautions if the fire cracker had a short fuse.  This meant that if you were not careful it could explode in your hand.  If you were lighting an entire pack of fire crackers then you wanted a long fuse so that you would have time to run and find protection.  A short fuse was a recipe for disaster.

It does not take much to set off a person with a short fuse.  They blow up over most anything.  The fruits of the Spirit, however, are the attributes of God that grows in us when the presence of the Holy Spirit lives within.  We might have blown up over traffic grid lock in the past but now, we take it in stride.  We might have exploded over the tiniest little things in the past but not as much once the Spirit begins to do His work in us. We become long fused.  God is long fused and it is His goal that we become like Him.    God’s will is that we become makrothumialong sufferinglong fused.

Today, ask the Lord where your fuse is too short.  Look for those time that you find yourself blowing up over little things and then ask Him for the fourth fruit of the Spirit.


Scott Davis +


God’s Plan B

Friday, March 6th, 2015

When you organize your thoughts and make certain arrangements for either work, vacation or some huge family event you call your final plan, Plan A. If you are especially smart you have a backup plan as well. Most people’s Plan A is superior to their Plan B, but this is necessarily so in God’s kingdom.

How many times are we disappointed when our Plan A does not happen? We think that God is going to make things work out a certain way. For all intents and purposes the plan seems perfect, and yet, it does not succeed. We reluctantly go to Plan B.

God’s plans, however, can never thwarted. If His Plan A goes awry then not only does He have a Plan B, but His Plan B is usually better than His Plan A ever could have been. I have seen this over and over again in my life and in Scripture.

Think about the monarchy in Israel. God’s people ask for a king and God gives them a tall, good looking, young man, named Saul. This looks like perfect Hollywood casting for a premier part. King Saul is God’s Plan A in answer to His people’s cry.

Did Saul work out? No. His appearance was right but not his character. So God let Plan A run its course while at the same time shifting to Plan B, David. King David ruled Israel as it began its golden age. King David prepared the way for an even greater king, his son, Solomon, who presided over the golden age. King David was the first in his dynasty and was given a covenantal promise by God that there would always be a king of David’s blood to sit on the throne of Israel. It is from Plan B that Jesus comes, not Plan A.

So when it looks like Plan A is bottoming out, get excited because now God has to go to His Plan B which will almost always be better than His plan A.

Blessings on your today,

Scott Davis +